Earth and Planetary System Science Group

Office: Sci.Bldg.No.1-633
TEL: +81-3-5841-4573
FAX: +81-3-5841-4690

Research Field

Earth System Science (coral reef, carbon cycle, global warming, ocean acidification)

Current Research

1. Coral reefs and coastal processesrnrnCoral reefs are a rnproduct of biological, rnphysical, chemical, and rngeological interactions. rnThe major theme of our group rnis to model these rninteractions by field monitoring. rnEcological rnzonation of reef creatures is compared with rnrnphysical parameters and this relation is traced rnback rnto the geological history. Carbon and rnnutrient cycles rnaccompanying with community rnmetabolism are rnmonitored and compared with CO2 rnflux. These studies rnwill lead to elucidate rnmaintenance mechanism and rnecological function of rncoral reefs and their changes rnwith environmental rnchanges. The role of coral rnreefs/coastal rnecosystems is one of our main topics rnregarding rnthe global changes. The studies in coral rnreefs rnextend to coastal processes in general. rnrn2. rnPaleoceanographyrnrnCorals and coral reefs contain rnabundant rninformation on paleoenvironments. Our rngroup's rnsecond theme is to reconstruct environmental rnrnchanges by them with time scales of 100 to rn100,000 rnyears. By excavating coral reefs and rncoastal plains, we rnreconstruct the history of sea rnlevel change and rnresponse of these rnbiogeomorphologies to it. rnLiving/fossil corals rnfrom the western tropical Pacific rnare dated by rn14C and 18O, 13C, strontium of their rnannual bands rnare analyzed to reconstruct changes in rnrntemperature and precipitation with high rnresolution rnfor the last several hundred years to rnthe rnglacial/postglacial ages. This research leads rnto rnevaluate the role of tropical oceans in the rnlong-term rnclimate changes.

Representative Publications

1. Kayanne, H.: Validation of degree heating weeks as a coral bleaching index in the northwestern Pacific. Coral Reefs, 36(1), 63-70, doi: 10.1007/s00338-016-1524-y (2017).
2. Kayanne, H., Aoki, K., Suzuki, T., Hongo, C., Yamano, H., Ide, Y., Iwatsuka, Y., Takahashi, K., Katayama, H., Sekimoto, T., Isobe, M.: Eco-geomorphic processes that maintain a small coral reef island: Ballast Island in the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Geomorphology 271, 84-93 (2016).
3. Kayanne, H., Yasukochi, T., Yamaguchi, T., Yamano, H. and Yoneda, M.: Rapid settlement of Majuro Atoll, central Pacific, following its emergence at 2000 years CalBP. Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L20405, doi:10.1029/2011GL049163 (2011).