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Research Field


Current Research

I am a cosmochemist who is interested in the origin and early evolution of the Solar System.rnI would like to know what was responsible for making diverse Solar-System planets, including Earth. rnrnMy research interests are: (1) Early chemical evolution of the Solar System, (2) Galaxy, Molecular clouds, and the Solar System, (3) Astromineralogy – Dust formation in space, (4) Formation and evolution of chondritic components, (5) Ground truth from Solar-System small bodies, (6) Reactions in the evolving Earth and planetary systems.

Representative Publications

1. Tachibana S. et al. (2022) Pebbles and sand on asteroid (162173) Ryugu: In situ observation and particles returned to Earth. Science 375, 1011-1016.
2. Kamibayashi M., Tachibana S., Yamamoto D., Kawasaki N. and Yurimoto H. (2021) Effect of hydrogen gas pressure on calcium-aluminum-rich inclusion formation in the protosolar disk: a laboratory simulation of open-system melt crystallization. Astrophys. J. Lett. 923, L12 (8 pp).
3. Tachibana S., Kamizuka T., Hirota T., Sakai N., Oya Y., Takigawa A. and Yamamoto S. (2019) Spatial distribution of AlO in a high mass protostar candidate Orion Source I. Astrophys. J. Letters 875, L29 (4 pp).