IGA, Keita

Associate Professor
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute

Office: AORI-612
TEL: +81-4-7136-6052
FAX: +81-4-7136-6056

Research Field

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Dynamic Meteorology, Ocean Dynamics

Current Research

My research interest is to understand basic mechanism of complex phenomena in the atmosphere and in the oceans, through the concept of geophysical fluid dynamics, using numerical experiment by simple model or dynamical theories. The present main themes are as follows:(1) Energy transport in quasi-geostrophic or 2-dimensional turbulence(2) Vortex streets formed by instability of jets(3) Generation mechanism of convergent cloud band and vortex disturbances over Japan Sea in winter(4) Unified understand of basic instabilities and waves in geophysical fluids(5) Studies of formation of eddies in geophysical fluids by theory and laboratory experiments

Representative Publications

1. K. Iga: Axisymmetric flow in a cylindrical tank over a rotating bottom. Part I. Analysis of boundary layers and vertical circulation, Fluid Dyn. Res., 49, 065502, 2017
2. K. Iga, Yokota S., Watanabe S., Ikeda T., Niino H. and Misawa N.: Various phenomena on a water vortex in a cylindrical tank over a rotating bottom, Fluid Dyn. Res., 46, 031409, 2014
3. K. Iga: Shear instability as a resonance between neutral waves hidden in a shear flow, J. Fluid Mech., 715, 452-476, 2013