Graduate School of Engineering

Office: -437
TEL: +81-3-5841-7027
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Research Field

Planetary geology, space resources

Current Research

Mainly interested in planetary geology and surface environments of solid bodies, such as Mars, Venus, the Moon, asteroids, and satellites in the solar system. My group is working on geological studies, including image analyses and machine learning, numerical and laboratory simulations, instrument designs, space mission-related studies, and even field studies. I’m involved in JAXA’s Mars Moons eXploration (MMX) as the PI of Surface Science and Geology science subteam, in JAXA’s SELENE-R lunar mission as a candidate of PI of ground penetrating radar system, which we develop for years, in ESA’s HERA asteroid mission as an international Co-I, and other international missions/mission plans. Recently we develop simulated soils (simulants) of Phoboos, Ryugu, the Moon, Mars, and others, and thus we are particularly interested in experimental studies using these simulants. Space resource is another line of interest; while my background is in planetary geology, we are also working on aspects of soil engineering and beneficiation for possible future utilization and space business.

Representative Publications

1. Miyamoto, H. and Niihara, T. (2020), Simplified Simulated Materials of Asteroid Ryugu for Spacecraft Operations and Scientific Evaluations, Nat Resour Res.,
2. Miyamoto, H., Niihara, T., Kuritani, T., et al. (2016), Cluster analysis on the bulk elemental compositions of Antarctic stony meteorites, eteoritics and Planetary Science, 51, 906-919
3. Miyamoto, H. et al. (2007), Regolith migrations and sorting on Asteroid Itokawa, Science, 316, 1011