Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Office: -562
TEL: +81-4-7136-4770
FAX: --

Research Field

Limnology, Coastal Oceanography, Biogeochemistry

Current Research

We study structures and functions of limnological systems under various climatic schemes in the world. Research and education will be focused on the interaction between ecosystem and aquatic environments through material transports in lakes and rivers of various climatic zones, effects and mechanisms of human impacts on the aquatic environments and their protection, influences of atmospheric and geospheric events, etc.

Representative Publications

1. Yamamuro, M. and Koike, I.(1993) Nitrogen metabolism of the filter-feeding bivalve Corbicula japonica and its significance in primary production at a brackish lake in Japan. Limnology and Oceanography, 38, 997-1007.
2. Yamamuro, M., Minagawa, M., and Kayanne, H. (1995) Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of primary producers in coral reef ecosystems. Limnology & Oceanography, 40, 617-621.
3. Yamamuro, M., Hiratsuka, J., Ishitobi, Y., Hosokawa, S., Nakamura, Y. (2006) Ecosystem shift resulting from loss of eelgrass and other submerged aquatic vegetation in two estuarine lagoons, Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji, Japan. Journal of Oceanography, 62, 551-558.