OKA, Akira

Associate Professor
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute

Office: -211b
TEL: +81-4-7136-4384
FAX: +81-4-7136-4375

Research Field

Physical Oceanography, Climate Modeling, Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles, Paleoceanography

Current Research

My goal is to find out various mechanisms important for understanding complex behavior of the climate system in the present, past, and future climate.The ocean plays dominant role in longer time-scale phenomena, and I'm investigating the role of the ocean by using climate model simulations from the view point of climate/ocean dynamics and ocean biogeochemical cycles.
Research interest
* Stability and variability of ocean thermohaline circulation
* Multi-decadal oscillation of ocean deep convection
* Ocean's role in abrupt climate changes in glacial periods
* Ocean carbon and biogeochemical cycle in various climate states (e.g., glacial periods, snowball earth, global warming)

Representative Publications

1. Oka, A. and Y. Niwa (2013): Pacific deep circulation and ventilation controlled by tidal mixing away from the sea bottom, Nature Communications, 4:2419, doi:10.1038/ncomms3419.
2. H. Kobayashi and A. Oka (2018) : The response of atmospheric pCO2 to the glacial changes in the Southern Ocean amplified by the carbonate compensation process, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 33 (11), 1206-1229.
3. A. Oka (2020) : Ocean carbon pump decomposition and its application to CMIP5 earth system model simulations, Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 7 (1), 1-17.