KOMIYA, Tsuyoshi

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Office: -826B
TEL: +81-3-5454-6609
FAX: +81-3-5465-8244

Research Field

Decoding evolution of Earth and life, geology and petrology

Current Research

My interest is history of Earth: evolution of solid earth (e.g. initiation of plate tectonics), environmental change (e.g. seawater composition) and evolution of life through geologic time. Recently, we try to decode environmental change, which includes surface temperature, seawater composition (redox-sensitive elements and nutrients) and global carbon cycle, after the Marinoan (630 Ma) Snowball Earth to early Cambrian based on multi-isotopic and elemental analyses (proxies) of sedimentary rocks, and the influence of environmental change on the drastic evolution of life (emergence of multicellular animals, Ediacara Fauna and Metazoan around 600 Ma and Cambrian shelly biota.)

Representative Publications

1. Tashiro, T., Ishida, A., Hori, M., Igisu, M., Koike, M., Méjean, P., Takahata, N., Sano, Y., Komiya, T., 2017. Early trace of life from 3.95 Ga sedimentary rocks in Labrador, Canada. Nature 549, 516-518.
2. Komiya, T., Yamamoto, S., Aoki, S., Sawaki, Y., Ishikawa, A., Tashiro, T., Koshida, K., Shimojo, M., Aoki, K., Collerson, K.D., 2015. Geology of the Eoarchean, > 3.95 Ga, Nulliak supracrustal rocks in the Saglek Block, northern Labrador, Canada: The oldest geological evidence for plate tectonics. Tectonophysics 662, 40-66.
3. Sawaki, Y., Ohno, T., Tahata, M., Komiya, T., Hirata, T., Maruyama, S., Windley, B.F., Han, J., Shu, D. Li, Y., 2010. The Ediacaran radiogenic Sr isotope excursion in the Doushantuo Fm in the Three Gorges area, South China. Precambrian Research, 176, 46-64