TSUIHIJI, Takanobu

Associate Professor
National Museum of Nature and Science

Office: -5F
TEL: +81-29-8538-192
FAX: --

Research Field

Vertebrate paleontology, vertebrate comparative anatomy

Current Research

I have been analyzing sequence of anatomical evolution, both skeleton and soft tissue, of the neck in reptiles by combining information on soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, etc.) obtained from Extant animals and patterns of evolutionary changes in skeletal morphology observed in the fossil record. I am also working on the morphology of brain endocasts of fossil reptiles, regionalization of the axial musculoskeletal system in Extant limb-reduced squamates such as snakes, as well as on fossil specimens of reptiles.

Representative Publications

1. Tsuihiji, T. 2017. The atlas rib in Archaeopteryx and its evolutionary implications. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 37: e1342093.
2. Tsuihiji, T., Witmer, L. M., Watabe, Barsbod, R., Tsogtbaatar, K., Suzuki, S., and Khatanbaatar, P. 2017. New information on the cranial morphology of Avimimus (Theropoda: Oviraptorosauria). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 37: e1347177.
3. Tsuihiji, T., Kearney, M., and Rieppel, O. 2012. Finding the neck-trunk boundary in snakes: anteroposterior dissociation of myological characteristics in snakes and its implications for their neck and trunk body regionalization. Journal of Morphology 237: 992-1009.