SHIMIZU, Toshifumi

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Office: ISAS/JAXA shin-A-toh-1753
TEL: +81-50-3362-4663
FAX: +81-42-759-8526

Research Field

Solar plasma physics

Current Research

The solar corona consists of hot plasma in temperatures over 1 MK and extends to the heliosphere. Why is the hot corona created above the 6000 K photosphere? How can we observe various kinds of explosions and associated dynamics in the corona? How does the magnetic field on the solar surface drive such heating and dynamics? I’m pursuing observational researches to address these fundamental questions. I have been one of active scientists in developing new advanced telescopes for diagnosing dynamics of the solar magnetized plasma, such as the solar observing satellite Hinode and its onboard Solar Optical Telescope. It has been more and more important to quantitatively understand the solar magnetism as the driving source of disturbances in the heliosphere. Solar-C EUVST, which is the new solar mission to be launched around 2026, will carry EUV high throughput spectroscopic telescope, and I’m working in research and developments of telescope technologies needed for this mission.

Representative Publications

1. Shimizu, T., Imada, S., and Kubo, M. “First Ten Years of Hinode Solar On-Orbit Observatory,” Astrophysics and Space Science Library 449, total 305 pages, 2018, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. ISBN 978-981-10-7741-8
2. Shimizu, T., Lites, B.W., Bamba, Y. "High speed photospheric material flow observed at the polarity inversion line of a delta-type sunspot producing an X5.4 flare on 7 March 2012,” 2014, PASJ 66, S14
3. Shimizu, T., Ichimoto, K., and Suematsu, Y. “Precursor of Sunspot Penumbral Formation discovered with Hinode SOT Observations,” 2012, Astrophys. J., 747, L18 (5pp).