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Research Field


Current Research

With the recent development of a dense seismic network, background seismic waves excited by the oceans and/or atmospheric disturbances have attracted significant attention. To understand these phenomena, we must consider the solid Earth, oceans, and atmosphere as a single system. In my research, I intend to focus on microseisms and seismic hum. My research plan can be categorized into (1) studies to understand these phenomena (2) and seismic exploration and monitoring of Earth's structures based on these background waves. My goal in the long term is an extension of seismology to the atmosphere and oceans. Employing this new point of view, I would like to provide feedback for seismic observations.

Representative Publications

1. Earth's background free oscillations, K. Nishida, Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 41, p. 719-740, 2013.
2. Teleseismic S wave microseisms, Kiwamu Nishida, Ryota Takagi, Science, 2016, Vol. 353, 919-921, doi:10.1126/science.aaf7573
3. Global Surface Wave Tomography Using Seismic Hum, Nishida, K., J.P. Montagner and H. Kawakatsu, Science, 326, 5949, p. 112, 2009.