Associate Professor
Space and Planetary Science Group

Office: Faculty of Science Bldg.1-834
TEL: +81-70-3174-9657
FAX: --

Research Field

Space and planetary science: space-borne instrumentation and data analyses

Current Research

Why are planets surrounded by radiation clouds? Why do planetary atmospheres escape? What happened in the ancient times? Where in the solar system are planets born? In order to reach these questions, which are also related to the emergence of the life, we develop space-borne particle instruments.
Keywords: JAXA's Geospace mission ERG(Arase), ESA/JAXA's Comet Interceptor, JAXA's lunar polar exploration

Representative Publications

1. Kasahara, S., Y. Miyoshi, S. Yokota, T. Mitani, Y. Kasahara, S. Matsuda, A. Kumamoto, A. Matsuoka, Y. Kazama, H. U. Frey, V. Angelopoulos, S. Kurita, K. Keika, K. Seki, I. Shinohara, "Pulsating aurora from electron scattering by chorus waves", Nature, 2018.
2. Kasahara, S., S. Yokota, T. Mitani, K. Asamura, M. Hirahara, Y. Shibano, T. Takeshi, "Medium-Energy Particle experiments - electron analyzer (MEP-e) for the Exploration of energization and Radiation in Geospace (ERG) mission", Earth, Planets and Space, 2018.
3. Kasahara, S., K. Asamura, Y. Saito, T. Takashima, M. Hirahara and T. Mukai, “Cusp type electrostatic analyzer for measurements of medium energy charged particles”, Review of Scientific Instruments, vol.77, 123303, doi: 10.1063/1.2405358, 2006.