Solid Earth Science Group

Office: 746 (Faculry of Science Bldg.1))-746
TEL: +81-3-5841-4574
FAX: --

Research Field

High-pressure geoscience / Study of deep Earth materials

Current Research

We study 1) structure, property, and dynamics of the Earth’s interior and 2) the formation and evolution of our planet, based on ultrahigh pressure and temperature experiments using laser-heated diamond-anvil cell. We examine phase diagram, element partitioning, and physical properties (electrical and thermal conductivity, sound velocity, etc.) of deep Earth materials by synchrotron X-rays observations in-situ at high pressure and textural/compositional characterizations of recovered samples.

Representative Publications

1. Murakami, M., Hirose, K., Kawamura, K., Sata, N., Ohishi, Y., Post-perovskite phase transition in MgSiO3, Science, 304, 855–858, 2004.
2. Tateno, S., Hirose, K., Ohishi, Y., Tatsumi, Y., The structure of iron in Earth's inner core, Science, 330, 359–361, 2010.
3. Hirose, K., Morard, G., Sinmyo, R., Umemoto, K., Hernlund, J., Helffrich, G., Labrosse, S., Crystallization of silicon dioxide and compositional evolution of the Earth's core, Nature, 543, 99-102, doi:10.1038/nature21367, 2017.