Solid Earth Science Group

Office: -748
TEL: +81-3-5841-4510
FAX: +81-3-5841-4510

Research Field

Structural petrology, tectonics

Current Research

I carry out research in the broad area of structural petrology with field work and observation of natural geological samples as a base. The earth can be considered a large natural laboratory with geological samples representing the results of experiments over very long time scales. Such observations are essential for extrapolating the results of laboratory experiments to geologically significant spacial and temporal scales. My laboratory focuses on the deformation and metamorphic history of rocks in convergent margins and their significance for understanding the geodynamics of these regions. To develop models consistent with other types of study my group also incorporates techniques of thermal modeling and geochronology. A recent focus of my research is to collaborate with seismologists to examine how information preserved in subduction-type metamorphic rocks can be used to help understand the phenomenon of slow earthquakes. This type of approach incorporating expertise from several different fields is a characteristic of my research activities and those of my group.

Representative Publications

1. Ishii, K. & Wallis, S. R. 2020. High-and low-stress subduction zones recognized in the rock record. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 531
2. The Geology of Japan. 2016. Edited by Moreno, T., Wallis, S. R., Kojima, T. & Gibbons, W. Geological Society, London.
3. Kawahara, H., Endo, S., Wallis, S. R., Nagaya, T., Mori, H. & Asahara, Y. 2016 (Jun). Brucite as an important phase of the shallow mantle wedge: Evidence from the Shiraga unit of the Sanbagawa subduction zone, SW Japan. Lithos 254-255, 53–66.