TANAKA, Yoshiyuki

Associate Professor
Solid Earth Science Group

Office: -714
TEL: +81-3-5841-4306
FAX: --


Research Field

Geodesy, Crustal deformation, Gravity, Relativistic geodesy

Current Research

We use geodetic approaches to study space-time variations in Earth's shape and gravity field from local to global scales.
Our approches include analytical and numerical modeling, GNSS and GRACE data analyses, and terrestrial gravity measuremetns.
Recent targets are co-, post- and inter-seismic crustal deformations, theories on viscoelasticity and poroelasticity to deal with great earthquake,
glacial isostatic adjustment, slow slip events, long-term fluctuations of plate subduction velocity driven by tides, etc.

Representative Publications

1. Tanaka, Y., T. Suzuki, Y. Imanishi, S. Okubo, X. Zhang, M. Ando, A. Watanabe, M. Saka, C. Kato, S. Oomori, and Y. Hiraoka (2018), Temporal gravity anomalies observed in the Tokai area and a possible relationship with slow slips, Earth, Planets and Space, 70, 25-32.
2. Tanaka Y., S. Yabe and S. Ide (2015), An estimate of fluctuating plate subduction velocities caused by tidal modulations and decadal variations in the ocean, Earth Planets and Space, 67, 141-151.
3. Tanaka, Y., T. Hasegawa, H. Tsuruoka, V. Klemann and Z. Martinec (2014), Spectral-finite element approach to viscoelastic relaxation in a spherical compressible Earth: application to the gravity field variations due to the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, Geophys. J. Int., 200, 299-321.