Associate Professor
Earthquake Research Institute

Office: -1-407
TEL: +81-3-5841-5708
FAX: --

Research Field

Tectonic geomorphology / Active tectonics / Applied geophysics

Current Research

Our research mainly focuses on Active tectonics and tectonic geomorphology of Japanese Islands and other plate convergent margins, structural analysis of fault-related folds in convergent plate margins and overriding plates, based on multi-scale seismic reflection imaging of fault-related structures.

Representative Publications

1. Ishiyama, T., Sato, H., Kato, N., Koshiya, S., Abe, S., Shiraishi, K., and Matsubara, M., 2017, Structures and active tectonics of compressionally reactivated back-arc failed rift across the Toyama trough in the Sea of Japan, revealed by multiscale seismic profiling, Tectonophysics, 710, 21-36.
2. Ishiyama, T., H. Sato, N. Kato, T. Nakayama, and S. Abe, 2013, Active blind thrusts beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area: Seismic hazards and inversion tectonics, Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 2608-2612.
3. Ishiyama, T., Mueller, K., Togo, M., Okada, A., and Takemura, K., 2004, Geomorphology, kinematic history, and earthquake behavior of the active Kuwana wedge thrust anticline, central Japan, Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth, 109, doi:10.1029/2003JB002547.