MOROTA, Tomokatsu

Associate Professor
Space and Planetary Science Group

Office: -835
TEL: +81-70-3179-8040
FAX: --

Research Field

Planetary Science, Lunar and Planetary Exploration

Current Research

To understand the formation processes and evolution of planets and small bodies in the solar system, we are studying about their topography and internal structure using the remote-sensing data obtained by lunar and planetary exploration.

Representative Publications

1. Kato, S., T. Morota, S. Watanabe, Y. Yamaguchi, M. Ohtake, and H. Otake (2017) Magma source transition of lunar mare volcanism at 2.3 Ga, Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 52, 1899-1915, doi:10.1111/maps.12896.
2. Taguchi, M., T. Morota, and S. Kato (2017) Lateral heterogeneity of lunar volcanic activity according to volumes of mare basalts in the farside basins, Journal of Geophysical Research (Planet), 122, 1505-1521, doi:10.1002/2016JE005246.
3. Morota, T., J. Haruyama, M. Ohtake, T. Matsunaga, C. Honda, Y. Yokota, J. Kimura, Y. Ogawa, N. Hirata, H. Demura, A. Iwasaki, T. Sugihara, K. Saiki, R. Nakamura, Y. Ishihara, H. Takeda, and H. Hiesinger (2011) Timing and characteristics of the latest mare eruption on the Moon, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 302, 255–266, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2010.12.028.