KANEKO, Takayuki

Associate Professor
Earthquake Research Institute

Office: ERI-2-508
TEL: +81-3-5841-5768
FAX: +81-3-3812-6979


Research Field

Volcano Remote Sensing,Geology of volcanoes

Current Research

Volcanoes are widely distributed in various areas on the earth, and some of them are located in remote areas where access is difficult. Thus, remote sensing with satellites is becoming a common means of observing remote locations. We have worked on developing a combined analysis for eruptive activities that uses satellite images with high temporal resolution (e.g., Himawari-8) and multiple satellites that provide images with high spatial resolution and different properties. This approach has enabled us to obtain detailed information about eruption sequences and processes from a new point of view. For typical activity types, based on the comparative analysis using these results, the commonalities and differences in the eruption sequences are identified to extract their characteristics, and the generation mechanism and the relationship with the magma system are elucidated.

Representative Publications

1. Kaneko, T., Maeno, F., Yasuda, A., Takeo, M. and Takasaki, K., The 2017 Nishinoshima eruption – combined analysis using Himawari-8 and multiple high-resolution satellite images,Earth Planets Space 71:140, 2019.
2. Kaneko, T., Maeno, F. and Nakada, S., 2014 Mount Ontake eruption: characteristics of the phreatic eruption as inferred from aerial observations, Earth Planets Space, 68, 72, 1-11, 2016.
3. Kaneko, T., Wooster M.J. and Nakada, S., Exogenous and endogenous growth of the Unzen lava dome examined by satellite infrared image analysis, Jour. Volcanology Geothermal Research, 116, 151-160, 2002.