IDA, Shigeru

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Office: -301
TEL: +81-3-5734-2620
FAX: --

Research Field

Planetary physics・Astrobiology

Current Research

Planet formation and evolution theory n Solar system and exoplanetary systems. Satellite formation and evolution theory around rocky and gaseous planets. N-body simulation. Dust growth and mixing in protoplanetary disks. Organic molecule synthesis in protoplanetary disks.

Representative Publications

1. Ida, S. & Lin, D. N. C. 2004a. Toward a Deterministic Model of Planetary Formation. I. a Desert in the Mass and Semi Major Axis Distributions of Extra Solar Planets. Astrophys. J. 604, 388-413.
2. Ida, S., Canup, R. M. and Stewart, G. R. 1997. Lunar accretion from an impact-generated disk. Nature 389, 353-357.
3. Ida, S., Ueta, S., Sasaki T., Ishizawa, Y., 2020. Uranian Satellite Formation by Evolution of a Water Vapor Disk Generated by a Giant Impact, Nature Astronomy 4, 880-885.