SAKUMA, Hiroshi

Associate Professor
National Institute for Materials Science

Office: -202
TEL: +81-29-860-4610
FAX: --


Research Field

Mineral Physics, Clay Mineralogy, Geofluids

Current Research

To reveal the low friction of creeping faults
Synthesis of clay minerals to reveal the paleoenvironment of extraterrestrial plantes
Development of materials using minerals

Representative Publications

1. H. Sakuma, K. Kawai, I. Katayama, S. Suehara, "What is the origin of macroscopic friction?", Science Advances, 4 (12) (2018) eaav2268. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav2268.
2. H. Sakuma, M.Ichiki “Electrical conductivity of NaCl-H2O fluid in the crust”, Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 121 (2016) 577-594. doi: 10.1002/2015JB012219
3. H. Sakuma, K. Morida, Y. Takahashi, K. Fukushi, N. Noda, Y. Sekine, K. Tamura, "Synthesis of ferrian and ferro-saponites: Implications for the structure of (Fe,Mg)-smectites synthesized in reduced conditions", American Mineralogist, in press. doi: 10.2138/am-2022-8231.