KUROKAWA, Hiroyuki

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Office: Bldg. 16, Komaba campus-801B
TEL: +81-3-5454-6612
FAX: --


Research Field

Formation of planetary systems, Evolution of planetary environments, atmospheres, the solar system

Current Research

I study how various types of planets, including the Earth, are born and how they evolve with time. My research targets range from terrestrial planets such as Earth and Mars to gas giants, ice giants, small bodies, and protoplanetary disks that are the birthplaces of planetary systems. Our research methods are mainly based on theoretical modeling and computer simulations, including numerical simulations of gas dynamics and planetary accretion processes in protoplanetary disks, theoretical model calculations of greenhouse effects and photochemical reactions in planetary atmospheres, and simulations of the thermal evolution of planetary interiors. In addition, I am actively collaborating with researchers specializing in experiments, observations, and explorations, in order to find ways to verify the predictions of theoretical studies and to interpret existing data through theoretical studies. Based on the knowledge obtained from theoretical research, I am also working on the analysis of data obtained from solar system explorations and on future exploration mission planning.

Representative Publications

1. Kurokawa, H., Laneuville, M., Li, Y., Zhang, N., Fujii, Y., Sakuraba, H., Houser, C., and Cleaves, H. J. (2022), The origin of Earth's mantle nitrogen: primordial or early biogeochemical cycling? Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23, e2021GC010295.
2. Kurokawa, H., Shibuya, T., Sekine, Y., Ehlmann, B. L., Usui, F., Kikuchi, S., and Yoda, M. (2022), Distant formation and differentiation of outer main belt asteroids and carbonaceous chondrite parent bodies. AGU Advances, 3, e2021AV000568.
3. Kurokawa, H., Miura, Y. N., Sugita, S., Cho, Y., Leblanc, F., Terada, N., and Nakagawa, H. (2021), Mars' atmospheric neon suggests volatile-rich primitive mantle. Icarus, 370, 114685.